Project History

Once upon a time, in the great depth of cyberspace, three friends came together and an idea was born:

To make a banner for their favorite band that would involve fans around the globe and give each one of them a chance to contribute.

They decided to involve one more friend and discuss their idea. It evolved over the following days and ended in this:

  • let each fan who wants to contribute design a CD sized piece of fabric and send it so all the pieces could be sewed together to make one patchwork banner
  • involve people form as many countries as possible
  • keep the entire project a secret to make it a surprise for the band.

Rules were made, letters drafted and people contacted. Mails were written, questions answered, instructions given and deadlines set. Procrastination and slow postal service proved to be the biggest obstacles. Many people were initially enthusiastic and then just forgot all about it. Of over 200 initially contacted, 73 remained in the end. They painted, stitched, drew and wrote on colorful pieces of fabric that they sent across the globe to their nearest collector. These collectors sent the pieces on to Poland where they were sewed into a banner by a tailor.

Almost a year after the first idea saw the light of day, the banner was finished.

These pages are dedicated to the project, the fans and the band we all love. It is supposed to be a record of all the hard work and the people involved in making the banner happen.