Power of hearts

21 pieces contain at least one drawing of a heart. This it the most common motive in all the banner pieces.


18 pieces contain quotes from POTF songs. Most quoted songs are Lift, Can You Hear Me, All The Way 4U.
3 pieces include drawings/stamps/cross-stitch of roses


30 people added their country, flag or city to their banner pieces, all but 8 added their names/nicknames.

Arts and crafts

2 banner pieces contain beads, 5 contain stitching and 5 stamping. Many contain drawings, big and small – only one is without words.


11 banner pieces used languages other than English, but only one is does not contain any English words.


The color used for most pieces (30) is white. Other colors: black, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, grey, beige, purple and multi-colored.

The moth

The Poets of the Fall’s logo called Morpho appears on 14 banner pieces.


From the first mail sent to potential participants to the last banner piece arriving at its final destination it took 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.


73 fans from 25 countries created a total of 67 banner pieces (5 of which got lost in the mail).

Longest travel

The banner piece that travelled the longest distance to its destination came from Buenos Aires, Argentina!